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Special Resource Base

Who are we?

The Speech, Language and Communication Resource Base is made up of …


Leanne Jones – Specialist Teacher

Hilary Jeffreys - Specialist Teacher (currently seconded)


Lynne Huckson - LSA

Rebecca Mason - LSA

Jan Harris - LSA

Hayley Caffery – LSA


Sam Williams - Speech and Language Therapist

Charla Ryder - Speech therapist assistant

Who we support and how?

We are a specialist resource base for pupils with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) as their PRIMARY need. 


The Speech, Language and Communication Needs Specialist Resource Base provides a supportive environment and specialist staff to cater for the needs of children in PS1 - 3, within the Vale of Glamorgan, who have Developmental Language Disorder and / or Specific Speech Disorder. 


Pupil placements are decided by the Local Authority Panel using the Resource Base Pathway.

Who we support and how?

The level and type of support offered is matched to the needs of the individual pupil and may include:


★ Collaborative support from a team of Specialist teachers, Learning Support Assistants and the Speech and Language Therapy Team. Staff work together with parents and home schools to target difficulties related to the pupil’s needs.


★ Access to an environment where the staff are experienced and trained in the area of Speech, Language and Communication Needs.


★ Individualised programme of learning focusing on language, vocabulary and social skills. 


★ Support for the pupil and staff in their mainstream school. 

Types of placement

★ All placements are part-time.


★ Typically, children attend the Specialist Resource Base 3 days a week until it is felt by all professionals involved that it is appropriate to return to mainstream full time. 


★ Booster places are time-limited to a maximum of three terms. After this period, the child’s needs will be reviewed, and they will either,

- return to mainstream with advice and/or support in place OR

- will be offered a placement in the Centre of Excellence for SLCN OR

- Alternative placement may be considered.


★ All pupil’s needs are reviewed regularly with Resource Base staff, Speech and Language therapist, and the mainstream school. 


★ Parents are regularly kept informed and updated with their child’s progress. 


★ Specialist LSAs act as a liaison between the Resource Base staff and the mainstream school staff to ensure continuity between settings.

Links with Speech and Language Therapy

The staff in the Specialist Resource Base work closely withthe Speech and Language Therapy Service (Cardiff and Vale Health Board)


Where appropriate staff will:


★ Work on targets provided by the Speech and Language Therapist


★ Use a range of strategies to support children with SLCN


★ Attend meetings with SLT staff

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