Ysgol Y Draig Aims Governing Body Annual Report to Parents 2021/22



Ysgol Y Draig Aims  Rebecca Lloyd-James

Chair of Governors

Rebecca Lloyd James is Chair of the Governing Body at Ysgol y Ddraig. She has been a school governor for many years. Rebecca works in publishing, for a London-based company and for a Firefly Press, a children's publisher based in Cardiff and Aberystwyth. She is also the owner of Nickleby’s Bookstore in Llantwit Major. She has three daughters, the youngest of whom has just begun studying for A-levels. "I'm proud to be involved with Ysgol Y Ddraig, which has taken its place at the heart of the Llantwit Major community, and continues to grow and improve, thanks to the efforts of staff, parents, governors and, of course, the children."


Ysgol Y Draig Aims  David Thomas

Local Authority Governor

David Thomas is Vice Chair of the Governing Body and Chair of the Finance Committee. He is a Finance Manager with Lloyds Banking Group. He is married to Mair and has three daughters. Dave is enthusiastic about continuing to be part of the Governing Body and using his 20 years of experience and knowledge of being a school governor to ensure the successful future of Ysgol y Ddraig. He is eager to work with the community and the headteacher to ensure that the school delivers the education and development that the children of Llantwit Major deserve.


Ysgol Y Draig Aims Phillip Hibbert

Local Authority Governor

Phil Hibbert is the Minister of Bethel Baptist Church in Llantwit Major. He has the privileged and unique perspective of being both a governor at Llanitud Fawr and a parent of a child at Eagleswell and is ‘deeply passionate’ about this project. His hopes as a parent for our new school is to ensure that it safe and meets the children’s every need. As a member of the community and the governing body his hopes include a new phase for our town with a school that will not only bring our community even closer but will provide everyone with something that our whole community is proud of.


Ysgol Y Draig Aims John Durrant

Local Authority Governor

I have the privilege of being one of the governors appointed by the local authority to serve on the Governing Body of Ysgol y Ddraig.  In these exciting times within education, I am committed to helping the school to implement the various strands of the National Mission for Wales I recognise the importance of the school working in partnership with families to enable our children to have high aspirations to fulfil their potential and to show kindness.  As one of the link governors for children with additional learning needs, I am an advocate of collaboration between the relevant agencies to ensure children’s learning needs are met.  I am also committed to seeing the school continue to be a resource for the local community.

Ysgol Y Draig Aims David Powell

        Local Authority Representative



Ysgol Y Draig Aims Sally Hanks

Local Authority Governor

Sally has lived in Llantwit Major since she was 5 years old. She has three sons who attended LLanilltud Fawr Primary School and Llantwit Major Comprehensive. Sally sat as a parent governor to both schools some years ago. She decided to stand as a Town Councillor and was elected in May 2012 and has recently been elected as our town Mayor. It is in that capacity that she now sits on the Ysgol Y Ddraig Governing Body as a Minor Authority representative.



Ysgol Y Draig Aims Nicole Cogbill 

Teaching Staff Representative

I started my teaching career at Ysgol y Ddraig and I am now in my fourth year of teaching. I am currently a Year 2 teacher and also on the Science and Tech AoLE team. Within this role I have particularly supported the emphasis on eSafety within our school. I have always had a passion for learning and I am honoured that I can now teach and learn alongside wonderful Ysgol y Ddraig children, staff, parents and community, on a daily basis.


Ysgol Y Draig Aims Julie Roberts

Non-Teaching Staff Representative

I have been working as an LSA for fourteen years starting work in Ham Lane School. I am currently working as an LSA in the two year three classes. I am also qualified as an HLTA and ELSA, I currently run ELSA sessions in the afternoon in the newly formed Lounge. I also work in the school’s after-school club. I have lived in Llantwit Major for most of my life and enjoy working in the school supporting the children with their learning and seeing them mature as they progress through the year groups to move onto the comprehensive school.  


Ysgol Y Draig Aims Nicola John

            Parent Governor

I am a parent governor, mum of two daughters and a project manager for Cardiff Council's Corporate Change Team.  As a governor, I believe in the school's ethos and hope that my professional skills and vested interest as a parent bring a different perspective that will contribute to the continued development of the school.  I have lived in Llantwit Major all my life and am proud to play a part in improving our school and the development of the community through the governing body.


Ysgol Y Draig Aims Shaun Chadwick

          Parent Governor
I am a Father to three girls who go to Ysgol y Ddraig, a Husband to Claire who is the Manager of Hays Travel in Llantwit Major and a serving member of the Royal Air Force. As a Governor, I am hoping to reinforce the strong links that already exist between the school and the local military community, also ensuring that the school as a whole continues to develop. I am proud to be representing Team Dragon.



Ysgol Y Draig Aims Sian James

          Parent Governor



Ysgol Y Draig Aims David Berrey

          Parent Governor



Ysgol Y Draig Aims Edwin Counsell

             Community Governor


Ysgol Y Draig Aims