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School Vision

Our Aims

At Ysgol y Ddraig we are designing and developing our ACE curriculum within the framework of our new Curriculum for Wales. It is a dynamic and inclusive curriculum that is driven by the Four Purposes:

⇒Ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives;

⇒  Enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work;

⇒ Ethical and informed citizens of Wales and the world, ready to be citizens of Wales and the world;

⇒ Healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society

Our mission is simple... Achieve, Challenge, Enjoy (ACE)

Our Vision Principles (Our Why) aim to:


Achieve through high aspirations, high expectations and respect for all

Challenge through a curriculum that is inclusive, relevant and engaging

Enjoy learning together, in becoming independent, mindful and active citizens

Putting our Vision Principles into Practice (Our How) -

Working together, providing opportunities and experiences to:

⇒ Build upon our high expectations of all children’s learning and behaviour.

⇒ Ensure well-being is at the forefront of developing resilient, responsible, empathetic and respectful children - who feel valued, listened-to, respected and appreciated.

⇒ Provide an inclusive learning environment, which is happy, safe, secure and supportive.

⇒ Ensure that children develop their understanding of the UNC Rights of the Child, alongside opportunities to put this into practice.

⇒ Provide independent and critical thinking opportunities to support children as inquiring and reflective learners, with increasing agency.

⇒ Enable our children to become literate, numerate and digitally competent lifelong learners.

⇒ Appreciate, maintain and strengthen the value of positive relationships between children, staff, families and our community.

⇒ Encourage a climate of success by celebrating the perseverance, efforts and achievements of all children both inside and outside school.

⇒ Promote the positive social, emotional, moral and spiritual development of children, preparing them for time in our school and beyond.

⇒ Celebrate our heritage and culture - locally and nationally - whilst developing greater understanding and respect towards all others.

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