Ty Golding

Mr Ty Golding

Mr Golding is currently on secondment with the Welsh Government.

Becky Cadman

Miss Rebecca Cadman

Acting Headteacher

Lisa Crowther

Mrs Lisa Crowther


Nicole Cogbill

Miss Nicole Cogbill





Sue Grafton

Mrs Sue Grafton


Nicole Farmer

Mrs Nicole Farmer


Harriet Maidment

Mrs Harriet Maidment

Acting Deputy Headteacher

Kath Burmingham

Mrs Kath Burmingham


Lucy Wheelan

Miss Lucy Wheelan


Katy Holloway

Mrs Katy Holloway


Sarah Crowe

Mrs Sarah Crowe


Jodie Davies

Mrs Jodie Davies


Dorian Oldfield   

Mr Dorian Oldfield 



Freya Price   

Miss Freya Price