School hours are as follows:

 8.50am - 11.30am      Morning Nursery Session
 8.40am - 11.50am      Morning  Session for Reception - Year 3
 8.40am - 12.30pm      Morning Session for Years 4, 5 & 6

12.40pm - 3.05pm       Afternoon Session for  Reception to Year 1 & 2
12.40pm   - 3.05pm     Afternoon Session for Year 3 

1.20pm   - 3.15pm       Afternoon Session for Years 4, 5 & 6

Progression step 1&2 children must always be handed over to an appropriate member of staff and collected by a responsible adult; known to school staff. If this is not the adult who usually collects them then the school must be informed in advance. Progression step 3 (Year 4 - 6) children are permitted to walk home unless parents request otherwise. If you are unable to collect your child for any reason or are likely to be late, please inform the school.

Attendance & Punctuality

When a child is absent, a letter explaining the absence must be brought on their return to school. Any child who arrives after the register has closed will be given a late mark.
Late arrival at school is disruptive for both your child and everyone else in the class. It is vital for your child to arrive at school on time every day.