At Ysgol Y Ddraig it is our purpose to provide a supportive learning environment. Through high expectations of behaviour, learning and challenge, we provide our children with the very best opportunities and experiences: ensuring we work together to become happy and confident individuals. We aim to: - 

Ysgol Y Draig Aims  ensure every child feels valued, listened-to and respected as an individual

Ysgol Y Draig Aims   provide an excellent learning environment which is happy, secure and supportive

Ysgol Y Draig Aims have the highest expectations of all children’s learning and behaviour

Ysgol Y Draig Aims enable our children to become literate, numerate and digitally competent learners

Ysgol Y Draig Aims appreciate the value of strong partnerships between children, staff, parents, the local and wider global community

Ysgol Y Draig Aims encourage a climate of success by celebrating achievements both inside and outside school

Ysgol Y Draig Aims promote the positive social and moral development of children, preparing them for adult life

Ysgol Y Draig Aims instil a sense of pride in our school, town, nation, language and heritage whilst being aware of, and respectful towards other communities

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