At Ysgol Y Ddraig it is our purpose to provide a supportive learning environment. Through high expectations of behaviour, learning and challenge, we provide our children with the very best opportunities and experiences: ensuring we work together to become happy and confident individuals. We aim to: - 

Ysgol Y Draig Aims  ensure every child feels valued, listened-to and respected as an individual

Ysgol Y Draig Aims   provide an excellent learning environment which is happy, secure and supportive

Ysgol Y Draig Aims have the highest expectations of all children’s learning and behaviour

Ysgol Y Draig Aims enable our children to become literate, numerate and digitally competent learners

Ysgol Y Draig Aims appreciate the value of strong partnerships between children, staff, parents, the local and wider global community

Ysgol Y Draig Aims encourage a climate of success by celebrating achievements both inside and outside school

Ysgol Y Draig Aims promote the positive social and moral development of children, preparing them for adult life

Ysgol Y Draig Aims instil a sense of pride in our school, town, nation, language and heritage whilst being aware of, and respectful towards other communities


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We are a two form entry nursery & primary school recently formed from the amalgamation of both Eagleswell and Llanilltud Fawr schools. From September 2015 we started operating as one school with the separate Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 sites, coming together into our brand new purpose built school in October 2016. Our new building is next to Llantwit Major Comprehensive School and is part of the Llantwit Learning Community.