Thinking up a New School Motto

Ysgol Y Ddraigg School Motto

We now have a new school motto! Over the last few months discussions have taken place to decide on our new motto.

After discussing the ideas for our school motto amongst staff and children we have had several suggestions and will look to the school councillors and governing body to approve a final motto on our return after half term. We have the idea of 3 words that best describe the ambitions for our new school. Some of the suggestions also have interesting acronyms that we could use to develop the theme of the motto too eg ABC, ACE - Current suggestions include: 

Achieve, Believe, Challenge
Aspire, Challenge, Excel
Imagine, Believe, Achieve
Inspire, Care, Succeed,
Grow, Aim & Collaborate

And our final chosen school motto is... Achieve, Challenge, Enjoy!